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  • Ghost (Punjabi)

    Ghost (Punjabi)

  • new life

    New Life

  • maanmatti


  • King Of The Streets

    King Of The Streets

  • GOAT Album

    GOAT Album All Song List

  • Making Memories

    Making Memories

  • Dard 2.0 (Darshan Raval's Album)

    Dard 2.0 (Darshan Raval’s Album)

  • Snitches Get Stitches

    Snitches Get Stitches

  • Insaan


  • Shayad Woh Sune

    Shayad Woh Sune

  • Saroor (Arjan Dhillon's Album)

    Saroor (Arjan Dhillon’s Album)

  • The Carnival

    The Carnival

  • Another Level

    Another Level

  • Surroor 2021 The Album

    Surroor 2021 The Album

  • MooseTape


  • EP Never Before

    EP Never Before

  • Still rollin

    Still Rollin (Shubh’s Album)

  • Zohrajabeen